gluten free lasagnaWhen was the last time you ate lasagna at a restaurant? If you’re like me, it was at least a decade ago. Gluten free options for lasagna just aren’t out there. Now, you’re most likely thinking to yourself, “I thought this was a Latin cuisine restaurant, why is he talking about lasagna?” Well, it’s because it’s really Pastelon de Amarillos. Basically lasagna but instead of noodles they use sweet plantains. I know… I know… Sounds weird but believe me, it’s awesome!

Located near Cummins Station at 818 Palmer Place, Salsa is n a great location near the new convention center and has plenty of parking and an awesome patio. We’ve been twice now and sat at the bar both times. The bartender and kitchen staff were very helpful with gluten free options. We recommend the Pastelon de Amarillos (lasagna) with a side of Mofongo. The Ceviche was great as was the Pernil, but back to the original topic, when was the last time you had lasagna out?
Price: $$-$$$




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