Recently we had a team outing at the day job to Dave and Buster’s at Opry Mills. The team was excited to geek out and play some games, I on the other hand, was worried about options. I remember D&B visits back before I was diagnosed with Celiac in Atlanta and remember the menu being mainly fried appitizers and sandwiches back then. Nothing like sitting around the table with 20 of your co-workers with all of them eating while you sit there. To my surprise, they had a gluten free menu, woohoo! Along with the gluten free menu, they also have meues for peanut, milk, egg, fish, shellfish, soy and tree nut allergies… way to go Dave and Buster’s!

The gluten free menu linked below has less on it then the one that was actually at the restuarant and is fairly limited, but a good place to start. Check your local Dave and Buster’s to see what they have. I had the Fire Grilled Salmon and it was nice. A little under cooked, but hey, I’d rather have it that way than over cooked. It had a little spice to it since was rubbed with Louisiana spices and was served with spinach and a rice medley. Overall, it was nice and more than what I expected.




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