Where to Find a Gluten Free Beer in Nashville, TN

We've all been there. The excitement when you see a menu and go hey, they have gluten free pizza or they have gluten free buns for a burger. The next thought you have is "man... I'd really like to have a beer with that!" and then you look at the menu only to be disappointed. Really? You went so far as to have a gluten free menu, gluten free bread, gluten free pizza but you didn't add just one of the many gluten free beers now available? We're not asking for an assortment, just keeping one 6-pack in the back would do. And no... Ciders do not count!

Here's a list of places in Nashville that won't let you down and have gluten free beer available:

AMOT EATERY: A Matter of Taste: Omission, RedBridge, Estrella and pleanty of cider to choose from Homegrown Taproom and Marketplace - Ommission is available Avo: One of the only places I've been that has Green's. They also have o'Mission and multiple ciders. Acme Feed & Seed - Omission is on th…
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