MAFIA0Za’s - Nashville, TN Gluten Free Pizza

After being diagnosed with Celiac I did miss a few things. I missed Bunny bread of all things and Little Debbie snack cakes. Looking at those, they’re pretty pitiful things to miss. But one thing that I still miss is the taste of a good slice of New York style pizza, you know, the type that a slice is the size of your head, you can fold in half and the grease drips off on your new shirt but you’re still excited to be eating it. Unfortunately gluten free pizza is still not all the way there, but all is not lost! Gluten free pizza is getting better and has been on the rise in Nashville with new restaurants popping up every month.

Here’s a list of the top places in Nashville with gluten free pizza available:

Got a favorite place that’s not on the list? Let us know!



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