Located at 2400 12th Avenue South, MAFIA0Za’s is a Pizzeria and Neighborhood Pub. The thing I like about MAFIA0Za’s of course is that they offer all of their pizzas with the option of using a great gluten free pizza crust. The crust is better then most, but ask them to cook it just a little longer […]

The Mellow Mushroom gluten free pizza

Some times when I look at my post it feels as if all I write about is pizza and where I can find a gluten free version. Well… I like pizza, sorry I’ve been a little sad since the closure of Garlic Jim’s in Franklin. I live in the Donelson area so it wasn’t always […]

Matteo’s Gluten Free Pizza in Nashville

So I finally was able to try out Matteo’s Gluten Free Pizza out in Cool Springs. While I truly appreciate the trouble they went through to create this and know they use top quality ingredients, I have to say it is far from my favorite. I had the Italian sausage one and my wife had […]

Gluten free pizza in the Nashville area

Matteo's Gluten Free Pizza

I read online that Matteo’s Pizzeria in Brentwood offers a gluten free pizza! I haven’t tried it yet but looking forward to it. Had a pizza this weekend in Cincinnati at Donatos, was kind of a let down. Lou Malnati’s in Chicago is the best that I have had so far, just a shame they didn’t offer the gluten […]