Gluten Free Beer in Nashville

Dogfish Head Tweason'ale Gluten Free Beer

Last week was a great week! I was sitting on the beach in Florida with my wife and friends and I had 4 four packs of Dogfish Head’s gluten free beer, Tweason’ale. Tweason’ale is a sorghum base beer with hints of molasses with vibrant notes of strawberry and a unique twinge of buckwheat honey. While […]

Aunt April’s Gluten Free Bakery

Back in April, I celebrated my birthday at the Wild Cow in East Nashville and had my first great birthday cake since being diagnosed with Celiac’s and having to go gluten free. Come to find out, it’s from a local bakery called Aunt April’s Gluten Free Bakery. I recently had the privilege of trying her […]

Gluten free banana waffles

So I’ve had them in the freezer for months. My wife wanted to reclaim the freezer space since I wasn’t eating them. Whenever I go grocery shopping if I see something new and gluten free, I buy it, if I like it or not. I was never a huge fan of waffles before being gluten […]

Lazzaroli Pasta

A couple of friends have emailed me in the past week about Lazzaroli Pasta in Germantown. They have a Spelt Pasta that is made without semolina and subsitutes Light Spelt Flour. Check them out at 1314 5th Avenue North * Historic Germantown * Nashville and let me know what you think!

Gluten Free Beer

Where has it gone? New Grist was my favorite and you could find it at Whole Foods and Frugal McDoogal’s, now you can’t find it anywhere. I saw it a month ago at Whole Foods and they raised the price to almost $10/ 6 pack. They have RedBridge now, which is OK I guess but definitely not worth […]