Claim Jumper Opry Mills

Claim Jumper

Normally, with a new restaurant that advertises that it has a gluten free menu I jump on the chance. With that, I’m not sure why I haven’t been to Claim Jumpers at Opry Mills yet. I live close by, I have Celiac’s so it seems like it should be a perfect fit. Maybe soon.

I guess one of the things that I do not understand why restaurants with around 100 items on the menu only offer 17 menu items that are gluten free? While looking through their menu I saw items I would love like fish tacos (yes, it even says with corn tortillas) and a Mini Hot Fudge Sundae, both which should be gluten free or would take little time to ensure they are. Also pleanty of items like hamburgers (without the buns) and Ceasar salad (without croutons) that were left off as if to say we could not make a slight change to ensure you could eat it. While I want to applaud and jump up and down with joy that a gluten free menu is available, it also get disheartened that they couldn’t go the extra step

What’s been your experience? Would love to hear!

Location: Opry Mills Mall, 514 Opry Mills Drive, Nashville, TN 37214
Price: $$

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