Chuy’s – Opry Mills


Living in Donelson, I was excited when Opry Mills reopened. I was even more excited when I saw that Chuy’s was coming and saw their menu online which featured multiple corn oriented options that should be gluten free. Unfortunately I was let down. When we first went to Chuy’s it was packed so we sat at the bar. I have to admit, in Nashville, besides my deck, they had the best mojito’s at a bar. When asking the bartender about gluten free options, they referred me to the manager on duty. Both folks were very polite, helpful and knowledgable about the restaurant. From their knowledge they told me that they did not really have any options that they would consider gluten free. From the way that their kitchen runs, flour is everywhere and hits all cooking surfaces so even corn oriented items would definitely come into touch with wheat flour.

While I can’t endorse going to Chuy’s for dinner, check them out for a mojito before catching a movie or as a break from shopping.

Location: 322 Broadway, Nashville, TN 37201
Price: $$

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